Alix Lynx Teasing My Way Out Of Detention

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(Custom + note: Make sure I can see your full body at all times) I'm a naughty schoolgirl that knows my teacher and have been given detention for wearing a slutty outfit, and I wonder what I have to do to you in order to get out of detention. While slowly stripping out of my tiny red skirt and booty shorts and pulling my tits out, I list the things I know you'd love. I start off by telling you how I'd give you a handjob, with one hand stroking your cock while I lightly stroke your balls with my fingernails. I'd give you the best handjob I'd ever had until you blew your load, but I know that's not enough to get me out of detention. The next thing you tell me is how you'd suck my cock like a champ, suck it until I cum in your mouth, and I wonder if this is what I need to do to get out of here. When that doesn't work, I realize what it is you want. I know what you'd truly like to do is have anal sex, so I ask you if you want to put your dick in my ass, fucking my tight virgin asshole until you cum inside it. Then I'll be allowed to leave detention!

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