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The lovely and ever so ticklish Indica Fetish returns to see Dr. Whitney Morgan for more... foot tickle therapy. Quite frankly Dr. Whitney is ever so shocked to see Indica in her office, she surely thought she tickled the pheobia out of her. Indica is ready to fully submit to Dr. Whitney's tickle therapy to cure her ever so ticklish fears and woes. Dr. Whitney suggests some tests.. in the form of a game.. While slipping off Indica's Converse Sneakers, Dr. Whitney tickles her socked soles beneath. Indica must try her hardest to keep her sneakers from falling off of her ever so ticklish feet. But of course, she can't while laughing and thrashing her feet wildly. But how about those sweaty black ankle socks? Dr. Whitney peels a little bit of them to tickle her heel, slowly reaching under, tickling more and more of her soft wrinkled soles. But.. She.. Must.. Keep.. The.. Socks.. On.. Even as they hang just by her ticklish purple tootsie toes.. Or else she'll get to experience what's in Dr. Whitney's ticklish tool bag! And, you know she does.. But.. all of this isn't enough. Dr. Whitney suggests they take her therapy session to the next level and introduce just a LITTLE bit of rope to halt her ticklish thrashing.. Continued Parts 2 and 3.

Includes: feet, foot tickling, ticklish feet, therapy, therapist, tickling, tickle tools, sock tickling, converse sneakers, bare soles, wrinkled soles, barefoot tickling, feather tickling, finger tickling, medical, doctor, laughing, giggling, games, tickle game, ticklish games, arches, series, toe scrunching.

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