[MAX] BarefootAcademy Bad Luck Boot! MOV - March 29, 2023 - 1.77 GB

[MAX] BarefootAcademy Bad Luck Boot! MOV - March 29, 2023 - 1.77 GB

Bad Luck Boot! MOV - March 29, 2023 - ManyVids

Feat. Dacey Harlot

Custom Script

Dacey is doing chores around the home. Her left boot gets stuck on something (furniture or something else, you choose) and she can't free it. She manages to get her foot out and after lots of struggling, she frees her boot as well. After putting her left boot back on and continuing with her chores, her left boot disappears right off her foot! Dacey doesn't notice at first and continues her chores as her left sock gets dirty. She finally realizes one of her boots is missing when she accidentally hits something with her socked foot. She looks at how dirty her left sock is and pauses her chores to find the boot so it doesn't get dirtier. After some searching around, she finally finds her left boot and puts it back on but is still confused how it went missing in the first place. She continues her chores but then starts feeling pain in her left foot from her boot. The left boot is also now hard to pull off her foot. After lots of tugging, she manages to pull the boot off and checks inside to see what's causing her foot to hurt. Maybe something fell inside while her boot was missing. But she can't find anything so she puts her boot back on and continues her chores. But the pain in her left foot doesn't subside. She takes off her left boot 4-5 more times as the clip continues after several struggles and still doesn't find anything inside. She is fed up with this "bad luck boot" and kicks it away with her socked foot. Even though her left sock will be dirty, she can finally continue her chores pain-free and uninterrupted. After finishing her chores, she removes her right boot with no trouble and compares her dirty left sock to her right clean sock (make the left sock very dirty on the bottom). Although she is shocked at her left sock, she is glad she finishes her chores. She lays down on the couch after a hard day's work and closes her eyes. The clip ends with a shot of her feet (show the bottoms of one right boot and a very dirty left sock for a little bit and then Dacey kicks her right boot off with her left socked foot to have the shot show the bottoms of her right clean sock and very dirty left sock).

Custom Review

Loved the clip! I liked those socks as well and I appreciate you using the boots!


MAX-1.77 GB-Bad Luck Boot! MOV - March 29, 2023
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