[MAX] BarefootAcademy Detention Foot CEI MOV - June 08, 2022 - 961.18 MB

[MAX] BarefootAcademy Detention Foot CEI MOV - June 08, 2022 - 961.18 MB

Detention Foot CEI MOV - June 08, 2022 - ManyVids

Feat. Dacey Harlot

Custom Video

This JOI features a CEI Ending!

Principal Harlot sits down at her desk, she's disappointed, but not surprised, to see you here in Detention... again. She tells you to get to work as she opens her laptop, propping her feet up on the top of her desk, she's wearing sexy white heels that curve around her soles and drive you crazy. You're in detention alone today and sitting in your usual desk, right in front of her soles. This is your favorite hour of the day! Principal Harlot dangles her heels off her sexy soles, she rubs on her feet occasionally as she works diligently on her laptop. She talks at you as she works, she wishes you would really learn your lesson here in detention, you are here everyday! Her words fall on deaf ears as you zone out into her perfect soles, your cock grows rock hard under the desk as you fantasize about them.

Principal Harlot looks over at you and notices you aren't working at first, but then your big hard cock under the desk catches her eyes! WOW it's no wonder you're here every day! She is appalled you would do such a thing in detention but it makes plenty of sense considering where you sit in detention every day. Principal Harlot has you stand up and take your pants down, today she's going to teach you a proper lesson. With no one else here it's the best time for this type of punishment. First she tells you she will indulge this little fetish fantasy of yours, she knows you go home and think about her perfect feet after detention. She instructs you to stroke your hard dick for her soles, this is as close as you'll ever get to perfect feet, especially hers. Principal Harlot is dominate as she tells you what to do, you aren't destined for feet as beautiful and perfect as hers but she wants to make sure you never end up back in Detention again and that requires building up a huge load of cum for her. It's your dream isn't it? To have her soles right here, so close to you that you can see how soft they actually are, they're flawless.

Principal Harlot stands up and has you get down on the ground as you stroke your cock, she tells you to worship and kiss them. You can see her perfectly pedicured toes and sexy foot tattoo. You look up and watch as she strips herself of the dress she was wearing, no bra or panties underneath! Principal Harlot sits back down, she tells you she's going to let you explode that big load of cum all over her soles, like you've always dreamt of doing.

She counts down from 10 slowly, watching you suffer through holding back cumming before she allows it. She reaches 1 and you cum all over her soles, the fantasy was everything you had hoped it would've been...except Principal Harlot says it's time to take your punishment! You look at her confused as she explains to you that you WILL be licking every drop of this cum off her soles! Did you expect her to clean your mess up herself?! No, no get to work. You don't have much time...but you do have a HUGE load of cum to clean up. Principal Harlot expects this will be the last time you try to cum into her detention class again, she better not catch you staring at her soles ever again either!

MAX-961.18 MB-Detention Foot CEI MOV - June 08, 2022
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