[MAX] BarefootAcademy Executive STENCH! MOV - November 18, 2022 - 976.96 MB

[MAX] BarefootAcademy Executive STENCH! MOV - November 18, 2022 - 976.96 MB

Executive STENCH! MOV - November 18, 2022 - ManyVids

Feat. Dacey Harlot & Indica Fetish

Dacey just had a meeting with the firms biggest client yesterday. The scene begins as the firm's CEO, Indica Jane, is calling the client to see how the meeting went and to see what he thought of her protégé Dacey. The client tells Indica he is furious and will no longer be doing business with their firm. He was absolutely appalled by the smell of Dacey's feet. He wanted to talk about the new project campaign but he couldn't even think straight! Even though they were at a restaurant filled with freshly cooked food all he could smell was Dacey's sweaty feet. From all the way across the table! It was astonishing and disgusting. Flustered Indica tries to apologize but she's cut off as the client yells at her again and then hangs up on her before she can even finish her sentence. This is the firms biggest client and this is going to cost them millions! Dacey has brought the firm plenty of clients over the years but this loss is going to effect everyone. Indica knows she can't just fire Dacey, she's too valuable and she loves this firm. Indica will have to come up with a fair but stern punishment for this major fuck up.

Indica calls Dacey into the office and makes her explain herself and what happened. Her filthy feet just cost them millions. What the fuck happened!? Dacey tries to make excuses for what happened. It was a long day, her feet were tired and when she slipped off her shoes during dinner she had no idea how stinky her feet were. By the time she noticed the stench the client was getting up to leave. There's no excuse Dacey could offer up that is going to get her out of what's coming to her. What's the best way to learn a lesson about keeping your stinky feet to yourself? How about being pinned under your bosses sweaty smelly feet and being made to sniff and worship them? Dacey will get to keep her job but she's going to get a taste of her own medicine today.

MAX-976.96 MB-Executive STENCH! MOV - November 18, 2022
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