[MAX] BarefootAcademy Smell My Feet Bitch! MOV - November 08, 2022 - 851.99 MB

[MAX] BarefootAcademy Smell My Feet Bitch! MOV - November 08, 2022 - 851.99 MB

Smell My Feet Bitch! MOV - November 08, 2022 - ManyVids

Feat. Goddess Fina & Dacey Harlot

Dacey is at home patiently awaiting the return of her mistress. Fina arrives home after her longest run yet, dripping with sweat and ready for lunch.  As soon as she sits down she begins instructing Dacey on how exactly to prepare her lunch and checking to make sure she's done the rest of her chores.  The house is completely cleaned, the laundry is finished and she just finished drawing a bath for her Goddess Fina.  Satisfied Fina instructs Dacey to remove her sweaty smelly running shoes so that she can go get into her bath.  Dacey removes her shoes with delight.  As she removes each sweaty smelly shoe Dacey does her best to hide her excitement when the strong musty scent of her Goddess' Feet hit her in the face.  Fina, ready for her bath, leaves Dacey telling her to go and start getting her lunch ready.  As soon as Fina leaves the room Dacey can't help herself.  She knows she's supposed to have permission before smelling her Goddess' shoes but she can't wait, she can't resist them. They are so smelly! Dacey gives in and starts ravenously smelling Fina's sweaty running shoes.  She knows there will be consequences if she's caught breaking the rules but she doesn't care, they are completely overpowering her now.  It's not long before Goddess Fina comes back into the room and catches Dacey with both of her running shoes in her hands presses against her nose.  Fina confronts Dacey and Dacey does her best to deny what she doing but she can't lie to her Goddess.  Dacey knows there's a punishment coming and she knows her Goddess' wrath can be unpredictable.  

Fina furiously throws her shoes aside.  Dacey knows better, this isn't the first time she's been caught breaking the rules.  Specifically rules regarding her Mistress' feet.  The spankings obviously aren't getting through to her anymore.  So if it's smelly feet she wants, its smelly feet her mistress will give her.  Fina throws Dacey to the ground and starts grinding her wet, smelly socks into her pretty little face.  Dacey is stifled by the overwhelming stench coming from Fina's feet making her gag a number of times.  Fina would have preferred a relaxing bath but now Dacey's face and tongue will have to do the job of cleaning her nasty, smelly feet now.

Foot Worship - Foot Sm other - Foot Gagging - Foot Smelling - Foot Domination

MAX-851.99 MB-Smell My Feet Bitch! MOV - November 08, 2022
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